KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 — A domestic helper in Singapore wanted to purchase a ticket for a concert by Suga of BTS in the republic this June.

But upon seeing the high price, the helper, identified by her only name Nur, backed out of it.

Unknowingly, her employer Kimberlee Ang, whom the helper had asked for help to buy, went ahead to purchase the ticket for her.

Ang took to her TikTok to share her experience of getting Nur the ticket.

@kimberlee.ang This must be the most intense ticket purchasing for me. I dunno how quick #army can be! @pjm Nur, hope you like your gift from us. Thank you for being with us for 7 years. Party hard on 18th June 2023 at the #sugaconcert #sugaconcerttourasia2023 #sugaagustdtour #armybts original sound - Kimberlee

In the video, Ang said it has been Nur’s dream to attend Suga’s concert.

As she did not know how to access the ticketing site, Nur asked Ang for help to buy the ticket during the ARMY membership presale on Monday (April 3).

Nur, however, changed her mind upon seeing the prices but Ang still went ahead to get her the ticket.


According to Ang, it was a gift for their helper of seven years from Ang and her siblings.

Despite being the 5,600th person in the queue, Ang still managed to get Nur a ticket.