PETALING JAYA, June 2 — Recently, brides in India have shown how adamant they are in cancelling their weddings due to their grooms being drunk, late, or even failing to do simple math.

One latest case was when a bride from Uttar Pradesh decided to call off her wedding after realising that her groom had forgotten to hire a photographer to capture their sweet moments.

Gulf Today reported that the incident happened in a village in Kanpur Dehat district in Uttar Pradesh last Sunday.

The news portal said that the bride had left the beautifully-adorned stage and stormed to her neighbour’s house after realising that there was no photographer around.


Deccan Herald said that while the groom had explained and said that he could not find a cameraman in time, the bride was adamant about her stance in not getting married.

While everyone tried to stop the girl from leaving her own wedding, her only reply was:

"The man who did not care about our marriage today, how is he going to take care of me in the future?"


The bride, her family and the groom’s side headed to the police station where both parties agreed to return the cash and valuables exchanged by mutual consent.

Uttar Pradesh Mangalpur sub-inspector Dori Lal told the portal that the matter was eventually sorted out.

"Both the parties returned the goods and cash given to each other.

"After this, the groom left for his native place without a bride.

"There was a dispute over the photographer and videographer which the groom side did not arrange due to which the girl got angry and refused to marry,” he said.