PETALING JAYA, May 25 ― Interested to discover new recipes and get pre-packed ingredient kits to prepare dishes? Launched this month, new cooking application CookX App is designed for anyone with a slew of features, functions and benefits targeting 'creator-partners'.

Through the application, users will be able to share recipes, upload instructional videos, grow their popularity and earn an income.

Creator-partners can use their mobile phones to capture their creative cooking videos and upload them in the app filled with vibrant images, and detailed step-by-step instructions.


Once creator-partners have their own recipes and followers, CookX Asia will help with logistics and delivery functionalities to empower budding cooks to monetise and earn an income.

CookX Asia founder Wong Yew Mun said in a statement that CookX Asia aims to provide stay-at-home mums and budding professional chefs a platform to empower their culinary journey.

“Through the application, we want to create a space for them to highlight their mouth-watering creations and then engineer an ecosystem that can help monetise their talents.


“We also want to attract millions of users, especially the younger generations who value convenience such as cooking at home and employing sustainable methods to reduce food wastage.” Through the app, creator-partners can either sell their dishes as pre-order ready-made meals or just focus on the ingredients that are featured in their recipes through Eco-Packs.

These packs have ingredients of recipes pre-measured to suit the user’s needs.

Detailed instructions for potential creator-partners who are interested to sign up with the new cooking app. — Picture via CookX Asia.
Detailed instructions for potential creator-partners who are interested to sign up with the new cooking app. — Picture via CookX Asia.

Designed to encourage users to explore cooking while keeping the task simple, the Eco-Packs allow anyone to cook like an expert at home anytime.

Creator-partners have the option of creating, packing and selling their own Eco-Packs or they can create their own recipes aided by the CookX Asia team to help stock, fill and fulfil packs according to the recipes.

Speaking to Malay Mail, Wong said that anyone can sign up under CookX Asia as it is a marketplace for anyone to upload their video recipes online that will be judged by users through ratings.

“However, a 15 per cent commission rate per transaction is imposed through the app with a cap of RM10.

“Not just that, a 10 per cent loyalty commission is paid to Creators who create the video - with the CookX Asia team being the ones who would supply the Eco-Pack to users.

“As of now, the Eco-Packs will only feature cakes and pastries but moving on to its next phase, the team will be rolling out main meals.” With zero set-up fees, anyone can sign up and start their journey on the app within three to five days after registration.

Established in 2021, CookX Asia is a social cooking app that allows the community to engage with each other, while inspiring and supporting each other to build a healthy revenue stream for themselves.

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