KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 11 — It was a devastating moment for Thanaraj Muthusamy from Rawang, after realising that he had lost his wallet.

He had gone to a petrol station in Batu Caves on Oct 3, where he dropped his wallet while refueling his vehicle.

Distressed, Thanaraj, accompanied by his fiancée, tracked back all the places they visited but failed to locate the missing wallet.


“My fiancée and I travelled from Rawang to the temple that morning to seek blessings for our upcoming wedding in December this year.

“But I didn’t think the day would turn out so bad after losing my wallet with cash totalling RM3,000. 

“A picture of my beloved late grandmother was in it so I was very sad and frustrated,” he told Malay Mail.


Thanaraj couldn’t believe his eyes when he received a parcel and found his wallet — with his cards and cash intact.

He also received a note from the sender, Sri Gombak woman Salina Sadik: "Hi sir, I found your wallet in Petronas Batu Caves. Call me if the wallet has reached you.”

Thanaraj and his fiancee immediately called her and managed to locate the honest woman who was staying at Taman Sri Gombak.

The couple gave a hamper and invited her for their upcoming wedding in December this year.

“I can’t believe that I got my wallet back from this honest and kind Malaysian.

“It just feels surreal but I’m glad to know that there are kind Malaysians everywhere,” he said.

His post on Facebook has been liked by over 3,000 people with many saying how touched they were that some Malaysians were kind-hearted and honest despite their different races.