PETALING JAYA, Oct 21 — Siti Fauziah Abdul Jabbar may be facing financial constraints, but she has not given up on nursing and treating stray animals 

The 38-year-old from Sungai Buloh told Mstar that she even closed her own physical boutique and moved it online just so that she could spend time nursing injured strays at her house.

Some of her rescues include a blind Rottweiler that was saved after it was found abandoned near a factory.

“The Rottweiler was so skinny and looked sickly so I managed to save it and treat it in my own house.

“Other animals I’ve managed to nurse apart from stray dogs and cats include injured birds and monkeys.

“There are days where I can’t save all the strays due to a tight budget and that saddens me.”

Using whatever amounts she has, Siti Fauziah makes sure she feeds the strays with good food and treats them on her own before leaving them out on the streets.

“I feel like there is a calling for me to look after them as I can’t bear to look at them being abandoned on the streets without being cared for.

“The Trap, Neuter and Release method must be enforced in our country or else there would be many abandoned strays in the streets.”

Siti Fauziah is the founder of animal shelter Fauziah Paws Care in Sungai Buloh, that has  200 dogs, 68 cats and 46 puppies.

The shelter was built as she could not afford to house the increasing number of strays in her own house.

“Plus, I have three children altogether and my second child is asmatic.

“Fortunately, the rental of the shelter was sponsored by an American citizen Travis and his wife,” she said.

Saying that the cost to look after a stray is RM200 for food and treatment, she said that volunteers come to look after the animals as she cannot afford to pay for workers.

The shelter, which is run by her and her children, is open every day.

Those interested to volunteer, donate, or get in touch with Siti Fauziah can call her at 016-2811341.