KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 24 ― Is the Malaysian Parliament building haunted after being empty for a while now?

Some social media users think so after an edited a short clip from the Dewan Rakyat’s session on Wednesday which was shared by Segambut’s MP Hannah Yeoh on her Twitter has been circulating around social media.

In the clip, Yeoh was in the midst of questioning about the appeal regarding Taman Rimba Kiara to the Ministry of Federal Territories.



Her spirited speech was overshadowed on social media by ‘paranormal activity’ happening behind her when an empty chair behind her can be seen moving on its own.

Twitter user mraaj89 was quick to reply to Yeoh’s tweet with a shorter version of the clip which focused on the mysterious moving chair.


The short clip which has garnered more attention than Yeoh’s original video has resulted in social media users speculating that the Parliament building is haunted.

“Ghosts are more interested in joining the Parliament compared to the real MP’s. How about we vote for the ghost in the next general election?” user qiechan516 replied.

“The Parliament has been vacant for a long time and now ghosts have taken over,” replied Twitter user anasnazri.

“Politicians and under table are a common thing, must be one of them under the table,” said Twitter user kamil_kaka.


The speculation grew stronger after social media users learned that the seat behind Yeoh was indeed vacant and didn’t belong to any other MP.

All the speculations were later debunked after Kangar MP Noor Amin Ahmad took to Twitter to come clean and admitted he was the ‘poltergeist’ behind the spooky moving chair.

“The ‘ghost’ issue at the Parliament has been circulating ya?

“To be honest, while YB Hannah Yeoh was giving her speech, I was annoyed by the disorganised chairs.

“So, I pulled it in place it from below— it was not that far away from me, and I didn’t even need to extend my hand so much to reorganise it.

“I was annoyed because Sibu’s seat which was also not lined up was out of my reach!” he admitted in the Tweet.

Amin’s explanation tweet has garnered over 327 likes with social media users expressing their relief that the mystery is solved.


In response to the whole situation, Yeoh this morning tweeted an edited version of the video, this time with a creepy soundtrack.

“Why do most Malaysians love ghost stories? The issue that I was raising was drowned by the moving chair.

“Please ignore the creepy background music which I don’t know who edited it and please try to focus on the issue that I’m presenting,” she wrote in the tweet.

Yeoh’s recent tweet has garnered over 500 likes and has been retweeted over 100 times.


The Malaysian Parliament is currently in its first meeting of the fourth term of the 14th Parliament sitting from September 13 until October 12.