KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 13 — Running a business can be a challenge especially in current times with a raging pandemic. 

In light of this, many businesses have struggled to survive. 

Particularly if you are running a startup. 

One important aspect that is often overlooked is the mental health of employers and employees. 

And this is just one aspect of the newly-launched MaGICARE by the Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Centre Berhad (MaGIC). 

Its Acting Chief Executive Officer, Amiruddin Abdul Shukor said under the rejuvenation section of the programme, those who signed up would have access to Naluri’s specialised team that will help them build a stronger mental resilience.

“Naluri’s Digital Mental Health Support offered in MaGICARE allows startups to tap into mental health and well-being assistance,” he said. 

This included subsidised one-on-one counselling sessions and one-on-one support through professional counselling or therapy; convenient and confidential remote therapy sessions.

“They will also have access to a 24/7 careline through the Naluri Community Programme. Calls will be unlimited and it is manned by a team of clinical psychologists and registered counsellors,” he added. 

Besides this, there would also be webinars and emotional well-being assessments conducted by a clinical psychologist on topics of mental and physical well-being.

MaGIC has a host of tools to help startups. — Picture courtesy of MaGIC
MaGIC has a host of tools to help startups. — Picture courtesy of MaGIC

What else does MaGICARE offer? 

Amiruddin said the programme sought to serve as a pillar of support to help start-ups impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“It provides them opportunities to reactivate their communities with sustainable and effective solutions,” he said.

“It is about turning around together. It is designed to provide startups with resources, rejuvenation and recovery assistance.”

MaGIC is collaborating with relevant ministries, agencies and corporate entities to carry out capability development programmes, talent development, market access and digital mental health services.

Launched on August 1, the programme is scheduled to run from this month until October as a lead-up to World Mental Health Day on October 10. 

Amiruddin added that there would be three types of assistance. 

Besides the rejuvenation aspect, it would also look at resources, which are internal and external initiatives for startups to navigate through the pandemic. 

In terms of the recovery aspect, there are MaGIC benefits to help startups in finding ways to adapt and accelerate through the pandemic.

These are Startup Campus, a rental waiver for MaGIC’s Co-Working Space, Startup Essentials workshop, LEAP internship, Programme Perolehan Impak Sosial Kerajaan (PPISK) and Buyforimpact. 

“Many of our startup community have been hit hard by the pandemic and the situation has been made worse by the MCO 3.0,” he added. 

He said MaGICARE is also aimed at providing aid and opportunity that enables startups to evolve, restructure strategically for their productivity growth. 

“It is also to assist startups impacted by Covid-19 by providing opportunities to reinvigorate their community with actionable solutions and sustainable business engagements.”

The programme is open to all startup ecosystems. 

Information on the recovery process of initiatives under MaGIC varies and startups are advised to visit http://mymagic.my/magicare

For information on Naluri, one can surf https://www.naluri.life.

Startups can also choose from the choices of support services offered through MaGICARE before December 2021 or contact [email protected] for further information.