PETALING JAYA, July 9 — Dubai has once again entered the Guinness World Records, this time for its world’s deepest pool that is set to open to the public this month.

The title ‘Deepest swimming pool for diving’ was given on June 27.

Having a depth of 60 metres, the ‘Deep Dive Dubai’ beat previous record holder, Poland’s Deepspot, a swimming pool and a scuba diving centre with a depth of 45 metres.


CNN reported that Dubai’s deepest pool is filled with 14 million liters of fresh water, which is the volume of six Olympic-sized swimming pools and is at least four times the size of any other diving pool in the world.

Featuring abandoned sunken city apartments, divers can play in the underwater pool in the arcade equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems to create different atmospheres.

The indoor pool is housed inside a 1,500-square-metre oyster structure and the pool offers courses for both diving beginners and certified divers.


Deep Dive Dubai director Jarrod Jablonski told CNN that the pool was interesting because of its sunken city apart from it being the largest and deepest.

Meanwhile, actor Will Smith posted on Instagram saying that he visited the pool after a friend recommended him to do so while he was in Dubai.



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“Deep Dive Dubai is insane,” he wrote.

Currently, the pool is open by invitation only.