KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 ― With no end in sight for the Covid-19 pandemic, more are having difficulties continuing with their daily life.

The latest is the abandonment of babies by mothers after their delivery at hospitals.

Kembara Kitchen co-founder Chan Yi Lyn said they were alerted of the matter on Monday by their partner Pertubuhan Anak Kami, which was approached by a hospital in Selangor for help.

“Immediately we dispatched diapers and milk powder to Pertubuhan Anak Kami from our Community Care Centre (K3C) and sent it to the hospital.”


Seeing that it would be a long haul, Kembara Kitchen has decided to open up a fund to help these babies and their mothers.

Speaking to Malay Mail, Chan said the hospital has indicated they needed size S and M diapers, milk powder for newborns and up to 12 months and baby wipes.

“While there are no preferred brands for baby formulas, we would appreciate it if there are donors who are able to give us better milk as some of these babies are underweight,” she said, adding that the preferred brands for diapers were either Huggies, Drypers or Pet Pet.


In order to stem the issue of mothers abandoning their babies, Chan said Kembara would support them for three months.

“The supply will be handed over to the mothers when they are discharged from the hospital.”

“We have also asked the hospital to pass the mothers our numbers just in case they need provisions,” she added.

Kembara Kitchen founder William Cheah said they have helped six babies so far.

“But there are mothers who have indicated to the hospital they are having difficulties paying for their discharge expenses,” he said, adding that the amount of aid to be sent would depend on the hospital.

“They have asked us to send another batch on Thursday,” he said.

Cheah said they would prefer the items to be sent to Kembara Kitchen in view of the current  Movement Control Order (MCO) enforcement.

“We are working with minimal volunteers due to MCO. By sending the needed items to us, it would save us the trouble of going out to get the supply.”

Chan said each discharged baby will be given 270 pieces of diapers and six-packs of baby formula.

“If due to logistic issues and donors are unable to send the needed items to us, we will take in donations,” she said.

Donations can be sent to Kembara Kitchen's CIMB Bank account (A/C number: 8602542231) with the reference Baby.

Transaction slips can be sent to Chan's email at [email protected].

Kembara Kitchen will also open its K3C from today (July 7) to Sunday (July 11) from 11am to 4pm to receive donated items.

Kembara Community Care Centre is located at 7 Jalan Sungai Burung W32/W, Bukit Rimau, 40460 Shah Alam.