‘Aidid married Serina when he was still my husband,’ says ex-wife of Chef Wan’s new son-in-law

It’s complicated: Chef Wan shared his disappointment on Friday after discovering Serina and Aidid were secretly married in Thailand. — Picture from Instagram/Chef Wan
It’s complicated: Chef Wan shared his disappointment on Friday after discovering Serina and Aidid were secretly married in Thailand. — Picture from Instagram/Chef Wan

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PETALING JAYA, April 12 — The wedding controversy of Chef Wan’s daughter Serina Redzuawan to Meor Mohammad Aidid Meor Jamaluddin just got more complicated.

Aidid’s ex-wife has now entered the equation, claiming she was still legally married to the groom when he and Serina exchanged vows.

Nur Hamizah Shaffee, 34 told mStar the marriage took place without her knowledge and consent.

She also refuted Serina’s claims that Aidid was divorced when the pair secretly got married in Perlis.

“I just want to clear my family’s name, that’s why I’m sharing the truth.

“I don’t know why Serina and Aidid had to lie — it’s true Aidid married Serina when he was still my husband,” she told the Malay language publication.

Hamizah said she and Aidid had no marital problems and led a happy life despite being separated occasionally due to work.

The lecturer who works at an international college in Kampar, Perak said Aidid, an inspector at a Police Headquarters Contingent (IPK) divorced her last month on March 9.

“I wanted to stay silent but when Serina said things that weren’t true, I had to speak out.

“I suspect they got married on the third week of February.

“After we were divorced for exactly a month, Serina shared the news publicly,” Hamizah said, adding that Aidid told her about the wedding on February 18.

She then tried contacting Chef Wan to explain the situation but the celebrity chef did not answer.

“He doesn’t know anything about their wedding, he is innocent in this.

“I hope the public won’t judge this based on Serina’s account alone,” she added.

Hamizah’s revelation comes after the television host and restaurateur took to Instagram on Friday to share his disappointment upon finding out that Serina and Aidid got married behind his back in Thailand.



Serina however, maintains that the wedding took place in Malaysia.

Following the shocking announcement, Chef Wan, whose full name is Datuk Redzuawan Ismail uploaded conversations between him and his 38-year-old daughter.

Chef Wan advised his daughter to tie the knot in October and “get to know one another first” and was caught off guard when Serina said she was already married to Aidid.



According to the celebrity chef, his daughter had muddled things up by “twisting the story” and held the truth from her father.

Serina then explained she was secretly married in Perlis and wanted to hold a second solemnisation ceremony with family members to officially announce their union.



Her father refused to respond to her messages, saying several sources informed him that Serina’s wedding took place in Thailand.

“I am confused. As a father, don’t you think I have the right to know?

“That is why Rina, if you don’t want people to accuse you of things, just be honest.

“Do things the right way and don’t ever go behind your parents’ backs,” Chef Wan wrote.

The De.Wan 1958 restaurant owner further revealed his daughter embarrassed him years ago when she wanted to elope with the late actor Hani Mohsin when she was 17.

Last week, the cookbook author announced on Instagram he was not going to foot the bill for his two children’s future weddings.

Serina was previously married to Englishman Gavin Edward O’Luanaigh in 2010 and their lavish three-day wedding ceremony was documented in a TV special, One Night: A Malaysian Wedding – Chef Wan, on the Asian Food Channel.

The couple divorced in 2017 and share two children, Tristan Tareef dan Isabella Safiyya.

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