PETALING JAYA, Jan 8 — Three siblings from East Java have become famous thanks to their unique last names known as Dot Com.

According to Tribune News, their unique names sparked attention online after a video was posted by a social media user on TikTok showing the names with all the siblings and their last names that have been viewed by over 390,000 users.

Their names are Salsabila Shofwah Alamak Dot Com, Mustaghfirin Nazhmi Ramadhan Dot Com and Daffa Fawwaz Robbani Dot Com.

Mustaghfirin, 18, revealed to the Indonesian news portal that it was their parents’ idea to name them with such last names after meeting on a chat website in 1999.

“Because it was through that website that the both of them met, they wanted us to bear the names to remember that moment where they both united.”

The teenager admitted he was embarrassed to have such a name when he was younger, but eventually became proud of it as he became older.

“There were times where people laughed at me because of my eccentric last name while there had been times where my school teacher and friends didn’t believe I owned such a name.

“Some of them wanted me to prove that Dot Com was really my last name.”

The 18-year-old said that since young, he has always wanted to be on the big screen and become famous.

“I didn’t think that many people would be surprised by my unique last name and that the video on TikTok would go viral,” he said.