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2020/05/25 In Philippine slums, heat, hunger take a toll under lockdown
2020/05/25 Book sales soar as French Covid-19 lockdown eases
2020/05/25 Melon-aires not required as Japan premium fruit prices plunge
2020/05/25 Keeping Terengganu’s woven songket traditions alive via new platforms
2020/05/25 Dancing with disinfectant: China’s nightclubs back in the groove
2020/05/25 Japan’s Uniqlo to make masks using underwear fabric
2020/05/25 Milestones of US human spaceflights
2020/05/25 Rocketman (and woman): Elon and Gwynne, the pair who made SpaceX
2020/05/25 Thailand’s ‘Golden Son’ dolls bring believers luck and protection
2020/05/25 Learning to live again in Italy’s first virus red zone
2020/05/25 Phantom lock picker of Paris parks becomes folk hero
2020/05/24 Alligator who survived Berlin WWII bombing dies at 84
2020/05/24 Lockdown gives Albanian beekeepers a ‘golden year’
2020/05/24 SpaceX ready to launch astronauts into space for the first time
2020/05/24 Ireland and the healing power of words in a time of crisis
2020/05/24 Afghan couples downsize big fat weddings as virus grips
2020/05/24 Masks blossom among roses at French perfume capital
2020/05/24 In the absence of tourists, locals reclaim their cities
2020/05/24 Germans opt for staycations as virus fears linger
2020/05/24 Italy opens ancient Greek site as lockdown eases
2020/05/23 Florence's Duomo cathedral reopens in 'message of hope'
2020/05/23 'It has even changed death': Virus disrupts burials in Turkey
2020/05/23 Museums, hotels, bars to reopen in Madrid, Barcelona
2020/05/23 Italy's restaurants, shops caught between rock and hard place
2020/05/22 Siberian heatwave, early Greenland ice melt worry researchers
2020/05/22 WHO, Unicef: 80 million children at risk of measles, polio as vaccines disrupted
2020/05/22 Study: Hydroxychloroquine shows no Covid-19 benefit, raises death risk
2020/05/22 Twitter CEO donates RM371m of RM4.36b personal Covid-19 fund to underprivileged communities
2020/05/22 Oxford expands Covid-19 vaccine trial to older adults and children
2020/05/22 Hari Raya Aidilfitri shopping rush across Asia despite Covid-19 risk
2020/05/22 MCO cooking group rallies together to help beverage vendor who couldn’t afford Raya clothes after spilling iced drinks for sale
2020/05/22 Covid-19: ‘Social distancing almost impossible during Raya visits’, Malaysian health experts warn of high risks if guidelines taken lightly
2020/05/22 Deceptive beauty: Behind the Covid-19 artwork received by Dr Noor Hisham
2020/05/22 Astro offers RM20 monthly rebate for Sports Pack customers
2020/05/22 Sunway Pyramid places mannequin ‘companions’ on benches to ensure social distancing
2020/05/22 Maxis launches celebratory campaign in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri (VIDEO)
2020/05/22 'No nightlife' says PM as Italy starts to party
2020/05/22 Historic Berlin airport could close for good in June
2020/05/21 Pope Francis begs in Milan street, his cassock in tatters
2020/05/21 Two Malaysians accepted to prestigious Harvard University, beat more than 38,000 applicants
2020/05/21 Covid-19: JKR quarters residents urge Malaysians to stay home during Raya with playful message in lights
2020/05/21 Bangkok Mall replaces lift buttons with leg pedals to curb the spread of Covid-19 (VIDEO)
2020/05/21 7-Eleven Thailand staff mistakes hand sanitiser for infrared thermometer, customer left in tears
2020/05/21 Woman in China gifts a tonne of onions to ex-boyfriend for not crying over break-up
2020/05/21 B40 women are putting food on the table by sewing PPE for Malaysian frontliners
2020/05/21 Would you like beefcake with your sushi? Japanese company launches delivery service staffed by buff men
2020/05/21 Malaysian artist told to remove image parodying Vivy Yusof’s plagiarism allegations
2020/05/21 Russian nurse disciplined for showing bikini outfit under see-through PPE in male-only Covid-19 ward
2020/05/21 Thinking outside the box: Meet Norashikin, a Malaysian primary school teacher who goes the extra mile
2020/05/21 Italian woman wins Picasso painting in French charity raffle