KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 — The Terengganu man who posed as a ghost to scare his young neighbours to comply with the movement control order (MCO), had the tables turned on him when police came knocking on his door.

On his Facebook, Muhammad Urabil Alias said police from Kemaman district police visited him.

“If the other day people were scared of the ghost. Today, the ghost is scared when it was ambushed by Kemaman district police’s black Hilux team,” he wrote.


He added that the policemen came in two Hilux and one lorry to his house.

“I thought I would be taken on a lorry. My wife Yati Hayati got shocked,” he added.

He, however, thanked the police for coming to his house to thank him for helping the authorities to enforce the MCO.


“I thank the Kemaman OCPD for giving me the ‘Detektif Hantu’ nickname,” he added.

Speaking to New Straits Times, Urabil said when police came, they asked if he was the one who dressed up like a ghost to scare youngsters.

“The policemen from the Kemaman police headquarters then told me to wear the costume again and to meet them outside the house. Only God knew how scared I was at that moment.”

“To my surprise, they told me that they wanted to thank me for doing my part (ensuring that others toe the line during the MCO),” the 38-year-old told the daily.

Urabil added that the ghost photograph was still being shared on social media, and has been widely debated among social media users regarding its authenticity.