KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 — Keeping would-be criminals at bay or locating lost cargo or any device or simply keeping track of your loved ones or even your pets at home, Advance GPS Tracking System by one of Malaysia’s fastest growing companies, Stopanik Sdn Bhd, offers you a wide range of tracking systems for all your devices with amazing features that are operable with just the tap of your fingers.

The Stopanik GPS tracking system is highly recognised by industry professionals as a truly efficient and must-have tool. Though it may look sophisticated in design and manufacture, it is easy to use by anyone with a smart phone, computer or tablet.

Shahid Aminuddin, Managing Director of Stopanik Sdn Bhd, explains that the Stopanik GPS tracking system tracks practically anything. As with its tagline, the Stopanik GPS tracking system tracks anything, anywhere, anytime. This sums up everything the tracking system does.

SP07, the GPS tracking device that can be worn around the neck of a pet.
SP07, the GPS tracking device that can be worn around the neck of a pet.

Though Stopanik caters to all kinds of customers, one of their most frequent users and who most enjoy the benefits are fleet management companies where devices, cargo, employees, drivers, routes, stopovers, fuel check, geo zones and delivery timings are real-time tracked.


Another popular user of the Stopanik GPS tracker are the vehicle owners. They too enjoy interesting features, one of which is the remote cut-off of petrol and power of the car in the event it is missing or stolen where the vehicle is ‘forced’ to stop.
Shahid himself had a bad experience in 2012 when his car was hijacked in front of the nursery when his wife went to send their kid.

This incident prompted Shahid to set up Stopanik Sdn Bhd in 2015 that can look into stopping, preventing vehicle thefts and other crimes.

Today, the Stopanik Tracking System offers you high technology surveillance and detecting software downloaded into your smart mobile phones, computers or tablets that can locate any device of your choice with amazing features appended with the GPS tracking model, that are all connected via the GPS and your smart mobile device operating using the IOS or Android operating systems.


Stopanik offers a variety of GPS tracking models for diverse uses. The SP01 is a new and personal portable version that is based on the GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system which offers a variety of features such as security, positioning, monitoring and surveillance, emergency alarms and alerts and tracking. It is small and lightweight easily carried in the pockets or worn around the body or attached to any other moving object.

The SP02i GPS tracker device (left). A look at how real-time tracking takes place with Stopanik’s GPS Tracker (right).
The SP02i GPS tracker device (left). A look at how real-time tracking takes place with Stopanik’s GPS Tracker (right).

The SP02 is more suited for vehicle tracking where the tracking system is connected directly to the vehicle. The SP05 is designed for motorcyclists, and the SP07 is for pet tracking. Stopanik has GPS tracking models for all devices and for every situation as per customer requirements.

It is so efficient that you can also track your connected devices from anywhere in the world with real-time information and reports. To own a Stopanik GPS tracking model, you only need to purchase the model one time that can be easily set up and ‘connected’ within five minutes. It is affordable and user-friendly. Once set to go, you can start tracking your vehicle, bicycle, motorbike and children all in one place.

Stopanik GPS tracking models have long-life internal battery 24/7 and are easily rechargeable. Notifications are given on SOS alarms, speeding alarm, geo-fencing alarm and theft alarm. The Stopanik GPS tracker is all-encompassing and can provide detailed history and reports such as driving hours, stopovers, distance travelled and other significant and useful information.

The SP01X — the portable version.
The SP01X — the portable version.

In fleet management operations, the Stopanik GPS tracker helps to monitor staff with reports generated from tracking platform on a daily or monthly basis, and geo-fencing method to track workers. Geo-fencing is the ability to get all important notifications at a specific geographic boundary that you or your company are interested in to check on latest reports of your workers’ or the vehicles’ movements.

With your car unit, the Stopanik GPS tracking device can monitor your travel reports, fuel consumption and protect your vehicle from theft, all in real time. The Stopanik GPS tracker uses SMS Gateway, which allows you to get all important notifications to your smartphones by SMS.

With the Stopanik GPS tracking system, you are actually transforming your mobile smartphone into a GPS tracker with which you instantly start receiving important notifications and reports by sms or, if you wish, you are able to download a complete history of your tracking object at the end of the day. Stopanik is now available for corporate and personal use from only RM250.00

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