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2019/05/20 The best defence is attack: Pro Penang state proposals have their say — Ahmad Hilmy Abdul Hamid
2019/05/20 The increasing need of fintech experts — Christophe Schinckus
2019/05/20 Penang NGOs – an opposition force without accountability? — Timothy Tye and Joshua Woo
2019/05/20 Start fresh with the waste to energy initiatives — Santha Manickam
2019/05/20 Remembering the fight to defend Malaya during WW2 — Kevin Teeven
2019/05/19 Give Wan Saiful a break, he’s telling the truth — Geoffrey Williams
2019/05/19 Over-centralisation is stifling Malaysia’s promise: Why the Pakatan Harapan government will fail to deliver if it fails to decentralise — Andrew Yong
2019/05/17 The Malaysian Government must uphold the customary international law of non-refoulement — Abdul Fareed Abdul Gafoor
2019/05/17 A personal view of what makes an effective media council — Yiswaree Palansamy
2019/05/16 Time to stop pandering to the racist 'bogeyman' — Majidah Hashim
2019/05/15 Pakatan Harapan must address previous government’s shortcomings in tackling child stunting — Derek Kok
2019/05/14 Remembering May 13: Darkest episode in our nation's history — Patriots
2019/05/13 ‘Apa lagi PAS mau?’ PAS should make up its mind — Nathaniel Tan
2019/05/13 In response to 'what teachers wants'... — Azizi Ahmad
2019/05/13 Shared prosperity 2030: A critical review of Tun M’s future thrust — Denison Jayasooria
2019/05/12 Support Zuraida’s waste to energy plans — Sharifah Danisah Syed Ibrahim
2019/05/11 Response to the article on teen pregnancies — John Teo
2019/05/10 Arrest of Pipiyapong: Pakatan’s hypocrisy and PDRM’s overaction — Harinder Singh
2019/05/10 Shared prosperity for all Malaysians — Ramon Navaratnam
2019/05/10 Fall in foreign investments and factory closures, sunset for Penang’s E&E industry — Tan Teik Cheng
2019/05/10 Kula, the HR Minister we need, and here's why ― Mohd Firdaus Ilham
2019/05/09 A year of pain for some and pluses aplenty for all ― M. Santhananaban
2019/05/09 Happy birthday, Malaysia Baharu! ― Limli
2019/05/08 A year after Malaysia changed government: A messy democracy but necessary — Khoo Ying Hooi
2019/05/08 How Bank Negara’s reduction in overnight policy rate affects Malaysians’ pockets — Hann Liew
2019/05/08 New rules on tint completely disregard safety and security — Consumers’ Association of Penang
2019/05/08 Open letter to Pakatan Harapan on its first anniversary in government — Ding Jo-Ann
2019/05/07 Freedom of press: A cornerstone of democracy and for speaking truth to power — Stefan Priesner
2019/05/07 Have courage to change — May Chee
2019/05/06 New IGP’s commitment to setting up the IPCMC a welcomed move — Proham
2019/05/06 Sexual and reproductive health education is a must — Eyman Hadi Abd Manaf
2019/05/06 PH government first anniversary assessment: Good but can be much better! — Ramon Navaratnam
2019/05/06 Insights into Malaysia's tax amnesty programme — S. Saravana Kumar & Nurul Imani Hamzah
2019/05/04 5G does not impose health risks to humans — Tharek Abd Rahman
2019/05/04 Not a new Malaysia? Blame ourselves, not just the politicians — Ram Anand
2019/05/03 Optimism arising from appointment of new IGP — Kasthuri Patto
2019/05/03 World Press Freedom Day call — NUJ
2019/05/03 Death knell for GPs and emergence of micro-specialists — John Teo
2019/05/02 Regime change or change of government? — Sharifah Munirah Alatas
2019/05/02 Congratulations to Tengku Maimun as Malaysia’s first woman CJ — Sisters in Islam
2019/05/02 Drug price regulations welcome, but beware of unintended consequences — Kelvin Yii
2019/05/02 Do not punish academics, debate and engage them — Lim Wei Jiet
2019/05/02 Time for clarity on Belt and Road Initiative – what’s really in it for Malaysia? — Julia Roknifard
2019/05/02 Accession to the Rome Statute — Alwi Jantan
2019/05/02 Is the US FDA overreacting to a widespread environmental contaminant? — Ong Hean Teik
2019/05/01 Govt’s TVET push to brace for IR4.0 — Joshua Liew