Research shows 75pc of TikTok users have discovered new musical artists via the platform

72 per cent of TikTok users said they associate certain songs directly with the app, according to the MRC Data study. — ETX Studio pic
72 per cent of TikTok users said they associate certain songs directly with the app, according to the MRC Data study. — ETX Studio pic

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PARIS, July 27 — With TikTok’s surge in popularity, sound has become an essential for social networks.

So much so that many artists have found success through the app’s trending videos.

Recent research shows the impact of these “trends” in music and culture and how user behaviour can have a measurable impact in these areas.

Sound is definitely one of TikTok’s key assets. A study conducted by MRC Data and Flamingo, two independent groups, commissioned by TikTok, showed how receptive users were to sound and discovery.

Regarding sound and music, 75 per cent of users said they have discovered new artists through TikTok, and 63 per cent said they listened to new music they had never heard before.

Significant results that confirm how the Chinese social network is a springboard for artists, as confirmed by the success of Olivia Rodrigo and Lil Nas X with his song Montero (Call Me By Your Name) that have been buzzing on the platform.

Sixty-seven per cent of users even stated that they are more likely to search for a song on streaming music platforms after hearing it on TikTok.

While music is important to users, it is also important for the brands on the platform.

Sixty-eight per cent of users revealed that they remember a brand if it used a song they like for their TikTok posts, and 58 per cent indicated that they have a better connection with the brand in such cases.

As much as 62 per cent said they were even willing to find out more about the brand and 58 per cent felt more inclined to share the ad or tell people about it.

An asset for brands

Such data is important for brands, which can now create advertisements that reference viral videos on TikTok. In fact, 63 per cent of TikTokers like it when a brand features a TikTok creator in their videos.

Sixty-seven per cent of TikTokers revealed that they would like to see more brands use songs that are trending on TikTok, and 61 per cent say they appreciate brands more when they participate in trends on the platform.

When it comes to content, 56 per cent of users and 67 per cent of creators said they feel closer to a brand when it publishes more authentic, human content, and less of the “glossy magazine” style. This is a popular approach on the platform that helps build trust and credibility with this community.

Seven out of 10 users say that communities on TikTok have the power to create change in the field of culture. In fact, 43 per cent of users and 53 per cent of creators would try something or go somewhere after seeing a TikTok video at least once on the platform. — ETX Studio

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