SAN FRANCISCO, July 1 ― Mark your calendar! Gamers who are fans of the Marvel universe are in for a treat. While the Loki series is currently one of Disney+'s top-watched shows, the Marvel character will soon land in the Fortnite universe. But he will only be accessible to “Fortnite Crew” subscribers.

The god of mischief will not be accessible to everyone. To get the skin for Loki, the adopted brother of Thor in the Marvel universe, players of Fortnite will have to be part of a club. The club is none other than “Fortnite Crew.” A monthly subscription of 12 dollars gives players access to many bonuses, battle passes and other exclusive rewards. .

In this pack, players will be able to own the character's cult accessories, including his cape, his outfit, his scepter, the Chitauri Chariot Glider as well as enjoy a new loading home screen in Loki's signature colours.

It's a good publicity stunt for Fortnite, which is surfing on the trending Loki wave on social networks since the release of the eponymous series on Disney +. By making the skin of Loki accessible only through its Fortnite Crew, the platform could well increase its number of subscribers among fans of the character played on-screen by Tom Hiddleston. ― ETX Studio