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2021/06/19 TikTok is a top source of new music discovery, according to research
2021/06/18 After phone fire incident, Xiaomi gifts student Redmi Note 10 5G for online studies
2021/06/18 Snapchat removes a speed filter which may have encouraged reckless driving
2021/06/18 Spotify launches Greenroom, a Clubhouse competitor
2021/06/18 Twitter allows Arabic users to be addressed in the feminine
2021/06/18 Facebook AI software able to dig up origins of deepfake images
2021/06/17 Facebook will start ‘hosting’ podcasts starting June 22
2021/06/17 YouTube banishes gambling ads from its masthead slot
2021/06/17 Facebook beefs up tools for keeping group chats civil
2021/06/16 Nintendo spotlights Switch games with no console update
2021/06/16 Apple is trying to make passwords a thing of the past
2021/06/16 Soon you’ll be able to decide who can mention you on Twitter
2021/06/16 CD Projekt says Cyberpunk to return to PlayStation Store
2021/06/16 Google Workspace is now for everyone: What can it do for you? (VIDEO)
2021/06/15 Amazon cloud game service Luna opens to US Prime members (VIDEO)
2021/06/15 Soon you will be able to subscribe to newsletters directly via Twitter
2021/06/15 Three things to look for in a smartphone for outdoor adventures
2021/06/14 Microsoft will release the Xbox mini fridge, embracing the memes made by fans (VIDEO)
2021/06/14 One of the best wireless earbuds with noise cancellation is proudly made in Malaysia
2021/06/14 Premier E3 video game show kicks off with ‘Avatar’
2021/06/14 Microsoft bolsters video game line-up as Xbox turns 20
2021/06/13 And the iOS best apps of the year are...
2021/06/12 Mysterious malware strain stole data from 3.25 million Windows PCs for two years
2021/06/12 Microsoft taking Xbox games directly to TVs
2021/06/11 Samsung introduces the world’s smallest 50MP image sensor
2021/06/11 Meet Vivaldi, the all-in-one browser for surfing the web, managing email and RSS feeds
2021/06/11 iOS 15: What's in store for your iPhone this fall
2021/06/10 Facebook remote work made permanent as offices re-open
2021/06/10 Facebook says working on smartwatch
2021/06/09 Biden drops plan to ban TikTok, WeChat, says White House
2021/06/09 'Mole's World' game fuels nostalgia among China's young adults
2021/06/09 Apple doubles down on privacy in new iPhone software
2021/06/09 Pinterest hones its online shopping experience with a host of new features
2021/06/09 MIT researchers have developed an AI system to fight the spread of disinformation online
2021/06/09 Google loosens its search engine grip on Android devices in Europe
2021/06/09 Pinterest courts Gen Z by giving users a choice of gender pronouns
2021/06/08 What you need to know about Apple Music’s lossless, spatial audio upgrade
2021/06/08 macOS Monterey: Control your iMac, MacBook and iPad with a single keyboard, mouse or trackpad (VIDEO)
2021/06/08 A beginner's guide to making it on TikTok
2021/06/08 iOS 15: You will be able to find your iPhone even when it’s turned off or have been factory resetted
2021/06/08 Apple's new 'private relay' feature will not be available in China
2021/06/08 Apple adds virtual IDs on iPhone, video plans that rival Zoom, Teams
2021/06/07 TikTok could now collect biometric data on US users
2021/06/07 Apple developers look for App Store changes at annual conference
2021/06/07 US official warns cyberattacks are 'here to stay'
2021/06/06 Collectors of digital NFTs see a ‘Wild West’ market worth the risk
2021/06/06 You’re being tracked even if you opt out of ads on Android. Google wants to change that.
2021/06/06 Twitter Blue: Twitter’s paid subscription service lets you undo your tweets
2021/06/06 Soon you can use WhatsApp on four devices and it will work even when your phone is dead
2021/06/05 Research: Manipulating Twitter Trends is possible, and it’s dangerous