'Pokémon Masters' prepares for launch with August date, new trailers, pre-registration (VIDEO)

'Pokemon Masters' pairs each Trainer character with their favourite Pokemon. ― AFP pic
'Pokemon Masters' pairs each Trainer character with their favourite Pokemon. ― AFP pic

SAN FRANCISCO, July 26 ― Not content with location-based blockbuster Pokémon GO, The Pokémon Company is preparing to release the more competitive mobile game Pokémon Masters in the near future.

Would-be players of Pokémon Masters, the new mobile game from The Pokémon Company and Nintendo mobile partner DeNA, can sign up in advance of its upcoming release on Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices.

The App Store listing for Pokémon Masters indicates that the free game is expected to launch on August 29 for iOS devices.

A release date for Android devices has not yet been specificed, though the northern summer 2019 target for both systems still applies.

Accompanying the start of pre-registration are six new videos that provide information on various aspects of the game.

Players can expect to recruit two pairs of Pokémon and Pokémon Trainers to battle alongside their own character and starter Pokémon, Pikachu.

The game operates on a qualification system whereby players accumulate badges by winning matches against Pokémon Masters League characters.

They can also train up their Pokémon and Pokémon Trainers by completing daily missions.

A general Game Overview video provides a two-minute summary, with a further five short videos covering the topics of Moves, Battling, Pokémon and Trainers' Sync Pairs, and a Training tutorial delivered in two parts. ― AFP-Relaxnews


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