Huawei to launch foldable, 5G smartphone at Mobile World Congress

Huawei is teasing its upcoming folding phone. ― AFP pic
Huawei is teasing its upcoming folding phone. ― AFP pic

BEIJING, Feb 5 ― Huawei has published a tweet teasing the launch of a 5G-compatible folding handset at the Mobile World Congress this month.

While Huawei has been racing Samsung to release a folding smartphone, the company announced late last week that the rumored device will launch at the Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks just after Samsung is expected to announce the purportedly-called Galaxy F on February 20.

The Huawei iteration, however, distinguishes itself from the design cues of the Samsung model, which was more or less completely revealed last week when what appeared to be an official brand commercial leaked featuring the device. Rather than having the tablet-like screen lining the interior of the phone when folded, the Huawei folding display remains on the outside of the device as pictured in the invitation tweet:

Additionally, last week at the company's 5G launch event in Beijing, Huawei executive Richard Yu confirmed that this flexible device will launch with 5G ― a feature that the Galaxy F is expected to launch without.

In any case, Samsung appears that it will beat Huawei to the punch by unveiling their folding-display phone at Unpacked 2019 on February 20, four days before the Huawei launch at the Mobile World Congress on February 24. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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