The XPhone, Pundi X's new phone powered by blockchain (VIDEO)

Pundi X unveils blockchain-powered XPhone and its decentralised ecosystem, Function X. ― AFP pic
Pundi X unveils blockchain-powered XPhone and its decentralised ecosystem, Function X. ― AFP pic

BALI, Oct 11 ― Yesterday Pundi X announced the development of an operating system and communication protocol for mobile devices based completely on a blockchain network, as well as revealing its XPhone.

The world's first phone call made on an operating system powered by a fully decentralised blockchain network, called Function X, was made yesterday at the XBlockchain Summit Inaya Putri Bali in Bali, Indonesia using the new Pundi X XPhone.

Actually, this type of operating system allows for far more than just traditional calls: messaging and data transmission of all kinds can be accomplished by routing activities through blockchain nodes ― you don't even need to use phone numbers. Without the necessity of using a central carrier, the user will have exclusive control over their data and how it is managed.

The user can store that data and share it easily, and developers will be able to “quickly and easily publish decentralized applications via FXTP,” that is, the new transmission protocol.

As for the smartphone, which is a blockchain node in and of itself, it is essentially the physical form of Function X. Since it appears showing off the OS in several videos, we can expect to get more details about it soon in addition to its ability to successfully render blockchain-supported phone calls.

Pundi X recognises the hesitancy the world has with the implementation of blockchain, but also the zealous excitement that surrounds the field. Pitt Huang, the co-founder and CTO, draws a parallel between the present state of blockchain and that of the internet in the early 90s, and he believes that blockchain is in the pre-maturity stage.

As node spread multiplies with the expansion of users and developers, that global pool, “can be harnessed to help achieve scalability and decentralization for the broader blockchain ecosystem,” according to the company. Decentralized data storage and sharing provides an infinite amount of possibilities, which accounts for much of the nervous enthusiasm in the field of blockchain, and this has become the driving force and core philosophy of Pundi X.

Huang believes that, “Function X is the answer. By offering people the choice to be independent of a centralised communications network we've created a new use for blockchain that can be appreciated and used by most people.”

In the second quarter of 2019, the Function X blockchain, as well as FXTP and the XPhone will be launched, while more information about the system will be available on October 15. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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