KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 5 ― Mainland Chinese social media users have launched an online campaign to boycott Hong Kong broadcasting station TVB after the station awarded an actress accused of supporting secessionists during the 2019 Hong Kong riots.

Ali Lee Kai-sum, a 40-year-old Hong Kong actress and television presenter with TVB, won the TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress of 2021 on Sunday for her drama AI Romantic.

A related hashtag began trending on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo on Monday morning, Global Times reported.

Internet users had condemned the actress for posting controversial comments during the 2019 Hong Kong riots.

According to a screenshot that has gone viral, she gave a like to a photo on Instagram showing the Chinese national flag hanging upside down, adding the comment “beautiful flag”.

“Boycott TVB! TVB did not block the secessionist, but gave her a lot of acting opportunities and even an award! This has crossed our red line,” a user commented on Sina Weibo.

Manh also posted screenshots showing that they have been blocked by TVB after leaving messages such as “secessionist Lee Kai-sum” on the station's official Sina Weibo post.

“Lee has two faces: She posted some patriotic content on her Sina Weibo account while expressing her support for Hong Kong riots on Instagram,” read one comment.

“There must be more secessionists in TVB who support Lee, but there is no way for her to develop her career in the mainland. Boycott Lee, boycott TVB,” another user commented.