Separated celebrity couple Sharnaaz Ahmad and Noor Nabila set aside differences to raise son together

Sharnaaz says he and Nabila are not officially divorced. — Picture from Instagram/Sharnaaz Ahmad
Sharnaaz says he and Nabila are not officially divorced. — Picture from Instagram/Sharnaaz Ahmad

PETALING JAYA, July 3 — Separated couple Sharnaaz Ahmad and Noor Nabila Mohd Noor have been making headlines ever since their marital woes became public last year.

In the latest update on the couple’s marital status, Sharnaaz told media outlets that he and Nabila were not “officially divorced” and were waiting for the court’s decision.

The Juvana star said he and Nabila were on good terms and shared parental duties of raising their only child, Jebat Jayden who turns two in August.

“We are not divorced but the court will make a decision soon – we are friends who will raise our son together. About our status as a family, I leave it to the court.

“Since this case was filed in court, I’m prepared for whatever that is about to happen,” he told Harian Metro.

The 34-year-old whose real name is Sharnaaz Ahmad Basir Ahmad added that he was grateful Nabila had allowed him to meet Jebat without any restrictions after a period of hostility between the couple.

“This agreement has been a blessing, I had difficulties seeing my son but now everything is okay.

“My priority is no longer my marriage but raising my son and making sure Jebat doesn’t lose his father,” he said.

The Penang-born actor also thanked Nabila for not denying his rights as a father and praised her for being an excellent mother.

“What I’ve been fighting for all this time is for Jebat. I got what I wanted, what matters is Nabila sees me as Jebat’s dad,” he said.

The Suamiku Encik Sotong actor told mStar that he gets to see Jebat three times a day at Nabila’s home.

“I’ve never missed our sessions in the morning, afternoon and evening – that has become my daily activity.

“If I have a shoot, we will video call,” he said.

Sharnaaz and Nabila tied the knot on March 31, 2017 at a Petaling Jaya hotel and welcomed Jebat on August 30 the following year.

Last September, Nabila, who is the older sister of entrepreneur and social media personality Neelofa filed for divorce from Sharnaaz at the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court Complex.

However, it was reported that Sharnaaz rejected Nabila’s divorce request and the court ordered the couple to appoint a conciliatory committee (jawatankuasa pendamai) representative for their case.

Sharnaaz also took to social media to call out Nabila for revealing details of their divorce, asking her to exercise caution when sharing details of their rocky marriage out of fear it would affect their child when he learns how to read.

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