Produce X 101 contestants show off skills in concept song stages (VIDEO)

'U Got It' drew enthusiastic fan response. — YouTube screenshot
'U Got It' drew enthusiastic fan response. — YouTube screenshot

SEOUL, July 6 — Reality show Produce X 101' s concept song performance round showcased the trainees' talent in a convincing and enjoyable way.

The 31 trainees performed five original songs, with the top trainee in each team to receive a benefit that would multiply audience votes by 500. For the winning team overall, the top voted trainee would get 100,000 points and the remaining members 20,000 each.

These points would be crucial as the next round of eliminations that will decide who will get into the finals will be held soon.

Check out the Produce X 101 trainees' performances below:

U Got It

Comprising Cha Jun-ho Han Seung-woo, Hwang Yun-seong, Kim Woo-seok Kim Yo-han and Lee Eun-sang, the group earned the most votes of the night with a sexy vibe reminiscent of Produce 101 Season 2's winning concept song Open Up.


Written by Block B's Zico, this song earned a lot of hype for the demo alone. It was arguably one of the best performances of the night but sadly courted some controversy from fans who complained Zico's voice could be heared in the taped backing music.

Watch the trainees, Cho Seung-youn, Kim Hyeon-bin, Lee Jin-hyuk, Kim Kook-heon, Lee Han-gyul, Choi Byung-chan, show off their slick dance routine.

Pretty Girl

Featuring some of the youngest trainees in the group, they put an engaging show with a much-needed dollop of cuteness to temper the other 'sexier' concepts on show that night.

Watch Son Dong-pyo, Ham Won-jin, Kang Min-hee, Koo Jung-mo, Song Hyeong-jun, Lee Jin-woo win you over with their adorable expressions.

Monday to Sunday

Featuring trainees Tony, Lee Se-jin, Lee Hyeop, Kim Min-kyu, Kim Dong-yun, Nam Do-hyon, Joo Chang-uk, the trainees went for a somewhat middle-of-the-road concept. Not quite sexy, not quite cute but still entertaining.

Super Special Girl

The opener of the night, it's a shame the trainees didn't get more votes as it was one of the most enjoyable songs and better vocal performances.

Even Zico, who attended as he had written the song Move, praised the group's vocals.

Singing their hearts out in the song were Kim Si-hun, Park Sun-ho, Song Yu-vin, Choi Su-hwan, Kang Hyeon-su, and Keum Dong-hyun

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