Will Smith and Queen Latifah team up for hip-hop take on Romeo and Juliet

US actor Will Smith — AFP pic
US actor Will Smith — AFP pic

LOS ANGELES, May 17 — Will Smith and Queen Latifah have joined forces to produce a hip-hop musical take on the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet.

The film — which is currently in the works — will come to life as a contemporary musical take on William Shakespeare’s famous play, set against the urban backdrop and sounds of New York.

Directed by Solvan “Slick” Naim (It’s Bruno), the plot will follow a young waitress from the streets of Brooklyn and an aspiring musician from a wealthy family whose unconventional romance forces them to confront their life choices.

This fresh take on the epic tale of two fated lovers has been penned by Naim in collaboration with Dave Broome, and will be the latest iteration of the story, which was first published in 1597, and has been adapted many times as a movie since.

Steven Spielberg will be the next director to take his shot at adapting the classic — with his reboot slated for release on December18, 2020 (via Variety). — AFP-Relaxnews

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