KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7 — Malaysia recorded another 38 Covid-19 related deaths yesterday, with eight more deaths involving patients who were brought-in-dead reported over the last 24 hours.

According to data published on the Health Ministry’s (MoH) CovidNow portal, a total of 6,207 patients to date were logged as Covid-19 deaths without ever receiving medical treatment.

The current Covid-19 death toll now stands at 30,652, with a fatality rate of 1.2 per cent.

Granular data on the CovidNow portal showed how Terengganu still has the highest number of Covid-19 deaths per one million people when analysed over the last two weeks at 44.

This is followed by Perak with 26 deaths per million, Kelantan with 25 deaths per million, Perlis with 20, and Negri Sembilan with 19.

The two-week average in the Klang Valley is 12 deaths per million; Kuala Lumpur averaged 15 deaths per million and Selangor 11 fatalities per million.

A total of 70.8 per cent or 215 deaths over a seven-day average involved those aged 60 and above.

A total of 75 deaths over the last week involved those aged 40 to 59, 10 deaths involving those in their 30s, and four deaths coming from youths aged 18 to 29.

To date, a total of 4,101 Covid-19 deaths involved those fully vaccinated, 20,409 involving those unvaccinated, and 6,142 of those partially vaccinated.

New infections by state

Malaysia reported 4,262 new Covid-19 infections yesterday, with Klang Valley reporting the highest average number of cases throughout the country with a seven-day average of 1,700 cases.

Selangor has a seven day average of 1,357, followed by 549 cases in Kelantan, 475 in Johor, 369 in Sabah, 359 in Kedah, 311 in Pahang, and an average of 308 cases in Kuala Lumpur.

Labuan has the lowest seven day average with just 11 cases, followed by 35 in Putrajaya, 40 in Perlis, and 95 in Sarawak, making up the states with the lowest average number of new infections.

The CovidNow portal also showed five new infection clusters reported yesterday in Perlis, Kelantan, Johor, and the Klang Valley contributed a total of 66 cases to yesterday’s tally.