Garbage truck driver finds 25 grenades hidden under children's backpacks at Felda Kerteh landfill

DUNGUN, Feb 16 — A total of 25 smoke hand grenades were found at the landfill in Felda Kerteh 3, Ketengah Jaya, here.

Dungun district police chief, Superintendent Baharudin Abdullah, said his team had collected all the bombs at about 1.30am today from around the bush area, located near the oil palm plantation.

Prior to that, a garbage truck driver had discovered the bombs at about 4pm yesterday and returned to the scene with his four friends at 10pm the same day and informed the police a few hours later.

“The investigation at the scene found that there were 24 mini smoke hand grenades inscribed with ‘DK’ and another unit with ‘518 Riot CS’ written on it and they were placed in a brown box covered with two children backpacks.

“The distance to the scene is about five km from the main road. Usually this bomb is used during training by the security forces and this device should not be in the possession of anyone,” he said when contacted by reporters here today.

He added, checks made by his team found that the bombs did not have any serial number and were believed to have been made in South Korea.

Baharuddin said the bombs would be disposed of by the Dungun IPD Army Mechanical Rifle Armament (AMRA) unit at Lembah Bidong Shooting Range in Setiu soon and the case was being investigated under Section 8, Explosives Act 1957. — Bernama

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