KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 12 — The new Mayor of Eastvale (Riverside County) in California, Jocelyn Yow, became the youngest woman of colour to serve as mayor of a California city and her father is a Malaysian.


The 25-year-old mother to a six-month-old baby boy was born to a Vietnamese mom and a Malaysian father who moved to the United States in the 1990’s.

Jocelyn was elected to the Eastvale city council in 2018 and had served in the position as Mayor pro-term this past year and was officially appointed after the city’s council meeting on December 10.

Yow a graduate from the Community college in Norco, California and UC Berkeley is currently working on a masters degree in government at Harvard Extension.

“In 1996, we had to move to Malaysia when my paternal grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, and I ended up spending 10+ years there, allowing me to learn more about our family history, heritage, and culture,” Yow said on her Instagram page.

“Despite having little to nothing when my parents were just starting out in their career, they always emphasized the importance of public service and giving back.

“I am honored to be my parents’ daughter, and I am proud to be a Malaysian Vietnamese Chinese American,” she said.

Yow has also worked as a district representative in the California State Senate and was an aide for the US House of representatives.

She added that she wants to be the pioneer for other young women to follow her example.

“It is crucial we include the perspectives of young women and mothers while making important decisions that impact the families we serve. 

“While I will be the youngest woman of colour and one of the very few young mothers to serve as Mayor in the state of California, I am hopeful that more young women and mothers will follow suit,” she added.