KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15 — Secondary school students will have the option to choose which subjects they prefer to study from next year onwards, Education Minister Maszlee Malik reportedly said.

English daily The Star reported that Maszlee was commenting on the absurdity of the stream system that was applied to Form Four students, which led to a mismatch of students who could excel in the field of Science ending up in the Arts stream, and vice versa.

“So starting next year, Science and Arts students can choose and combine the subjects they like. I’m pushing for it,” the report quoted Maszlee, who was speaking to the Malaysian diaspora in Germany during his working visit there.

Maszlee also explained that big data will be implemented to help guide students in choosing their courses at the higher education level.

“Many parents make their children pursue their own dreams, which is not right,” he added.

Students currently are given the option, based on their examination result, to either go to Science, Accounting, or Arts Streams.

“The really good ones will go to Science while the less good ones will go to Arts. Am I right?

“That’s why there’s a mismatch,” he was quoted saying.