KUALA LUMPUR, August 28 — Malaysian Lee Choon Ping has pleaded guilty to video voyeurism after he was caught planting a hidden camera in the toilet of a United Airlines flight in May.

Associated Press reported that Lee, 50, was sentenced to two months in prison and a US$6,000 (RM25,278) fine by a judge in Houston, Texas.

Lee has been in custody since he was arrested on August 7 and is expected to face removal proceedings as he is not a United States citizen.

The United States Department of Justice (DoJ) was also quoted saying that Lee had acknowledged installing a camera in the first-class bathroom of a United Airlines flight from San Diego to Houston on May 5.

A female passenger aboard the flight discovered the spy camera hidden in the toilet of the plane’s first-class section, which was also where Lee had been seated at the time.

The device, with a blinking blue light, was found dangling near the door.

Authorities had identified Lee after comparing surveillance videos to the clips contained in the planted camera.

Lee was given away by the clothes he had worn then, which matched those of the person setting up the camera and recorded in the airports at Houston and San Diego.