Another Turkish man reported missing in KL

Screenshot of Wisma E&C's security footage showing the men who allegedly abducted Turgay Karaman.
Screenshot of Wisma E&C's security footage showing the men who allegedly abducted Turgay Karaman.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 3 ― Another Turkish man in Kuala Lumpur has been reported as missing, barely hours after his fellow countryman was allegedly abducted in a carpark in the capital city.

Ainnurul Aisyah Yunos Ali Maricar, 35, said she had been unable to contact her husband Ihsan Aslan since around 9pm yesterday.

In a police report sighted by Malay Mail Online, she said her husband went to his shop at Plaza City One yesterday morning and has since been uncontactable.

“The last time I could trace the GPS of my husband's phone was at Jalan Maktab near Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

“I am worried about my husband's safety as I have made checks at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, but my husband was not there,” the company director said in the police report lodged past midnight today at the Damansara police station.

“The reason I lodged report is because I want to seek assistance from the police to find my husband as I am worried of his personal safety,” she added, having noted that she was informed that her husband's friend Turgay Karaman had been abducted.

Last night, a teacher at the Ipoh-based Time International School where Turgay was the school principal lodged a police report of the latter's alleged abduction.

The police report claimed that close-circuit television (CCTV) footage showed Turgay's abduction yesterday afternoon by five unknown men at the office building where he was scheduled to meet with lawyers for a witness briefing.

Turgay was due to testify as a witness in a two-day criminal trial starting today at Kuala Lumpur's Magistrate's Criminal Court. Malay Mail Online understands that the court case involves the government’s prosecution of Turkish academic Ismet Ozcelik.

The police report claimed that two other Turkish citizens were abducted last October 16 and deported to Turkey the following day.

Ozcelik is a visiting Turkish university director who was detained in the Sungai Buloh Prison for over a month even before his trial started or without being convicted, as he was denied bail.

Ozcelik, who was granted refugee status by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) after his valid social visit pass was cancelled by Malaysian authorities following his arrest, was charged with obstructing Immigration Department officers from carrying out their duties.

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