KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 23 — Work commenced yesterday to demolish a group of Pekeliling apartment blocks to make way for a mixed development project.

All five blocks are slated to be cleared out by November next year, with the Tamansari development project expected to kick off in early 2016.

It will comprise residential and commercial lots, as well as a hospital.

Architect and chief project director, Low Chee Hoo, said demolishing the flats is a stepping stone towards a 10-year master plan to boost economic growth and increase connectivity in the area.

‘’The development project not only gives the area a facelift, but will also bolster growth and new job opportunities.’’

‘’Plans were also made to create a platform that connects future residents to the LRT and monorail stations in the area,” added Low.

Demolition project manager, Ong Hock Seng, said although the demolition process is time consuming, it is much safer and more cost effective.

‘’We will take two months to prep each building for safety before lifting three 11-tonne excavators up to the roof,” he said.

“Then we will demolish it level by level, which would mean an additional four months for complete dismantlement.”

Kuala Lumpur City Hall J48 northern zone building control division deputy director, Alias Marjoh, said he is looking forward to the completion of the project but would be monitoring it to ensure public safety.