PETALING JAYA, Nov 2 — As a bus captain, Avtar Sandhu is used to making stops on roadsides to pick passengers up.

But over the weekend, the public transport company employee had to pull the brakes for a slithering surprise.

Avtar who works for SBS Transit initially thought he spotted a fallen object on the road but as he approached it, he realised it was a snake and a very large python at that.

The incident took place along North Buona Vista Road at 3.55am on October 30.

He hit the brakes immediately and the terrified snake slithered under his bus.

“I opened the back door and checked under the bus and within three minutes he came out.

“It was a python and I safely guarded him to cross the road,” Avtar wrote in a Facebook post on the public group Singapore Wildlife Sightings.

He also managed to record a video of the python making its way to the other side of the road.

The post quickly captured the imaginations of Singaporeans and animal lovers alike, who praised Avtar for his kind act.

“Thank you for doing your part to protect all inhabitants of this island. You exemplify what how a civil society behave. Fabulous work here! Hope the bus captains and #sbstransit understand if you were slightly delayed (sic),” one user wrote.

“Thank you! Glad to see more of us being kind and not so fearful of nature,” a second user chimed in.

“What a beautiful, large specimen! I’m very glad it didn’t end up as roadkill that night, thanks to you!” another wrote.

Avtar wrote in one his replies that his attempts to get the snake off the road was the most nerve wrecking five minutes of his life.

He explained that a couple of cars overtook him and had he been driving on a different lane, the python could have been killed by other vehicles.

“I was terribly confused as to how best to help this terrified creature as time was not on my side and as I have to pick up bus captains too, fortunately he reappeared and safely moved to the other side,” Avtar wrote.

The heart-warming post garnered 1,700 likes and over 300 shares on Facebook.