Distressed elephant on Perak highway stomps on car after honked at, five escape unharmed (VIDEO)

Perhilitan advises motorists not to use their car horn and high beam light if they ever cross path with an elephant. — Screengrab from Facebook/Perak Kini
Perhilitan advises motorists not to use their car horn and high beam light if they ever cross path with an elephant. — Screengrab from Facebook/Perak Kini

PETALING JAYA, Aug 3 — Five individuals were fortunate enough to escape uninjured after an angry elephant trampled on their vehicle.

The terrifying incident was believed to have taken place at the East-West Highway near Gerik, Perak around 7pm yesterday when another vehicle honked at the majestic mammal causing it to panic, reported Harian Metro.

The passengers in the car were reportedly travelling from Kelantan to Perak and the close encounter with nature occurred near the Puncak Banjaran Titiwangsa rest stop.

A 55-second clip of the incident which was posted on the Perak Kini Facebook page last night has been viewed over 11,000 times.


Bila jumpa situasi begini tak perlu padam semua lampu. Hanya buka lampu kecil dan jalan perlahan-lahan. Jangan sesekali hon dan highbeam( lampu tinggi ) pada gajah tersebut. Itu memang pantang larang bila terjumpa gajah. Jika tidak gajah akan terkejut dan bertindak argreasif. Lokasi berhampiran Banjaran Titiwangsa, jalan Grik, Kelantan ke Perak. Info PERAK Kini

Posted by PERAK Kini on Sunday, August 2, 2020

An unnamed motorist who was also travelling from Kelantan told the publication he found out about the incident from one of the victims.

“This is what happened, when the elephant was in the middle of the road, they stopped their car but all of a sudden, a car behind them started honking.

“The elephant then got up and ran amok, stomping on the car’s bonnet.

“The five of them were lucky enough to get out of the car and ran off, ditching their vehicle,” the man said.

According to him, the five victims of the elephant’s rage had to hitch a ride from another vehicle, stopping at the Puncak Banjaran Titiwangsa rest area.

The wife of the motorist cried when she found out their vehicle was destroyed by the elephant, he added.

Gerik District Police Chief superintendent Zulkifli Mahmood confirmed the incident when contacted.

He said the vehicle suffered minor damage as a result of the incident.

“However, there were no casualties,” Zulkifli said.

Meanwhile, Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) Perak director Yusoff Shariff said staff have been sent to the location for further investigation and monitoring.

He also advised motorists to remain calm, do not panic and refrain from making provocations that can cause elephants to feel threatened.

Motorists were also reminded to be patient while waiting for the elephant to cross the road.

“My advice is if you see an elephant in the middle of the road, drivers need to be patient.

“Don’t use high beam lights, don’t sound your horn and most importantly, do not try to chase away the elephant,” Yusoff said.

This isn’t the first human-wildlife conflict recorded in the area.

In April 2018, a male elephant tore down a metal fence at the Puncak Banjaran Titiwangsa rest stop to feast on palm fronds, causing diners to run in fear.

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