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2020/11/10 Arrest of former Umany president Wong Yan Ke is unwarranted — Chin Aun Na
2020/11/10 A little bit of sacrifice won’t hurt for unprecedented times — Ameen Kamal and Sofea Azahar
2020/11/10 Confucian Islamic alliance being thrown away, what a waste — Rais Hussin
2020/11/09 New PAC members appointed have 'conflict of interest' — Fakhrurrazi Rashid
2020/11/09 Men and Covid-19 — Wan Kim Sui, Noran Naqiah Hairi and Moy Foong Ming
2020/11/09 Nod for EPF Account I withdrawal a bold but necessary move — Patrick Loh
2020/11/07 An ordinary Budget for extraordinary times — Geoffrey Williams and Nur Muhammad Tajrid
2020/11/07 Alternatives to ciggies get the thumbs up — Tasnim Lokman
2020/11/06 Budget 2021: A good start but more can be done — Margarita Peredaryenko and Sofea Azahar
2020/11/06 Budget 2021: Considerate, sufficiency yet to be seen — Margarita Peredaryenko and Ameen Kamal
2020/11/06 A Budget to enable the nation to move forward with hope and confidence — Nor Mohamed Yakcop
2020/11/06 Budget 2021: Govt should continue its commitment to strengthen the welfare of those who have the least — Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO)
2020/11/06 Employee mental health: How concerned are we? — Rish Tandapany
2020/11/06 Detention of hundreds of children at immigration centres highly unacceptable — Lawyers for Liberty
2020/11/05 Changes in aptitudes, changes in attitudes — Nazrul Nazri
2020/11/05 Unprecedented US presidential race: Rise of multilateralist Democrats — Rais Hussin
2020/11/05 Review of Penang clusters: The good and the not-so-good — Boo Soon Yew
2020/11/05 Robert Fisk: Shrewd, passionate and well-loved — Parveen Kaur Harnam Singh
2020/11/04 Can CPTPP offer new impetus for growth? — Tricia Yeoh
2020/11/04 Budget 2021: More for the vulnerable rakyat — Sofea Azahar
2020/11/04 Biden or Trump: Malaysia ready for the inevitable — Rais Hussin
2020/11/03 Can Myanmar’s second wave lend a voice to the formation of Asean CDC? — Aung Win
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2020/11/03 The King and us — Gurdial Singh Nijar
2020/11/03 Affordable healthcare: Could decentralisation lead the way? — Jason Loh
2020/11/02 A US presidential election unlike all others — Jamari Mohtar
2020/11/02 Covid-19: Malaysia's role and response in food security — Anis Huszainey
2020/11/02 Your're fired! Retrenchment due to CMCO? — Leonard Yeoh and Pua Jun Wen
2020/11/02 EPF withdrawal: Need for cool heads to prevail — Jeffery Mah
2020/11/02 Malaysia can still turn 2020 around — Sharifah Syed Amin
2020/11/02 Please don’t let go of hard-earned savings easily — Ameen Kamal and Sofea Azahar
2020/11/01 The science and politics of the Covid-19 pandemic: The Malaysian experience — Musa Mohd Nordin
2020/11/01 Empathy driven policies are needed in Sabah — Amanda Yeo
2020/11/01 Budgeting in a pandemic — Thisha Gunasilan