The real shocking news — K. Sudhagaran Stanley

NOV 15 — The return of Paul Yong to assume his duties as an exco is shocking. It is insane and totally unacceptable for someone charged with rape to continue holding the exco office. He is not only bringing himself into a shameful situation, but the entire state exco into a scandalous position.

The right thing for him to do is to go on leave and clear his name in court. Whether or not he is innocent is a matter for him to prove in court. The fact that he is being charged in a court of law, demonstrates that there is evidence to link him to the crime. The onus is now on him to prove his innocence and allow for the proper administration of justice to take its course.

The DPP in this case has also applied for victim and witness protection due to safety reasons. It is pertinent for him to go on leave from his position so that he cannot be accused of using his position to influence the trial or case.

In any developed country, their leaders would have resigned the moment these sort of charges are brought against them. In fact, this practice would not only apply to politicians, but leaders in the corporate world as well. They would resign so as to not bring the entire organisation into a shameful position.

The DAP leadership should urgently and seriously intervene to do the right thing and lead the way. DAP, during the rule of BN, had in many instances called for the resignation of many political leaders when these leaders were being charged in court for various offences. The party should now walk the talk. Find a suitable replacement for his post. They cannot remain silent and allow him to have his way.

The Perak exco should also make a stand to ensure its image is safeguarded. They cannot allow the entire administration to be placed in a shameful situation where one of its members is on trial of rape charges.

This case also involves a foreign national from Indonesia and could have diplomatic repercussion. The government should demonstrate that it is committed to protecting foreign workers in our country and to ensure such victims of torture and rape are accorded the same access to justice as would any other Malaysian. Having someone whom is being charged with rape of an Indonesian national in your exco does not portray the right message. Our entire justice system could be accused of controversy by the Indonesian government.

My call for Paul Yong to go on leave does not in any way suggest that the member of parliament is guilty, however I do have faith in the administration of Justice in our country, and I believe that the truth would prevail. He must do the right thing to safeguard his image and that of the government and prove his innocence in court. No more reasons, take your leave now.

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