SEPTEMBER 12 — Dr Zakir Naik’s allegation of defamation against five others is a civil case and it is not appropriate for the police to investigate a case of civil nature.

It also sends a wrong message to the country at a time when we need to stand united and not allow ethno-religious politicking to rip us apart.

Dr Zakir Naik had accused five persons of defaming him. They are Human Resources Minister M Kulasegeran, Penang Deputy Chief Minister ll P Ramasamay, Klang MP Charles Santiago, Bagan Dalam assemblyperson M Satees, and former ambassador Datuk Dennis Ignatius.

It is not government business to get involved in a civil case concerning private affairs of individuals.


Our police force is professional and must have gotten unwise instruction with political motivation from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The investigation into the five persons seems to be aimed at appeasing the rural masses that Dr Zakir Naik has strong support. If it is for political expediency, this notion of trying to win votes from the rural masses is unlikely to bear fruit.

The home minister’s party, PPBM, will gain little or no vote from this police investigation.


In fact, a wrong message is sent to those who have been capitalising on ethno-religious issues with intent to destabilise the PH government. It emboldens them further.

Too much time has been wasted on this race and religious politicking and must be put to a stop.

Our nation building efforts and reform programmes have got distracted.

Whereas, we should be working towards harnessing our collective strength, foster better understanding, respect, trust, and promote unity.

Focus should now be on economic issues.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail.