SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 9 ― It's high time for a WhatsApp update! Indeed, the messaging platform is reportedly working on improving its privacy settings. Users may soon be able to choose to hide their “Last Seen” status from selected contacts. But will this handy option be enough to appease users?

Could WhatsApp be seeking to appease its users? After the saga surrounding the platform's proposed update to privacy terms, which spurred considerable backlash earlier in 2021, the messaging application is reportedly working on its settings once again. According to the Wabetainfo website, WhatsApp is apparently working on giving users the option of choosing which contacts will and won't see their “Last Seen” status ― which shows when a user was last active on the app ― as well as their profile picture and their “About” information.

The platform is reportedly adding a “My contacts except...” option, allowing users to select which contacts they share this information with. According to screenshots shared by Wabetainfo, the option is currently being tested on the iOS version of the app and should be rolled out to Android as well. For now, WhatsApp has not yet confirmed the launch of this update.

Previously, the platform's users could only choose between three settings ― “Everyone,” “My Contacts” or “Nobody”  ― to manage who sees their “Last Seen” status, their profile picture and their “About” information. Only the “Status” format ― which is none other than WhatsApp's “Story” format, allows users to choose which contacts to share their content with. Currently, users can choose between sharing with all their contacts, or “My contacts except...” as well as “Only share with...”. Note that if a user chooses to block their “Last Seen” status for specific contacts, they won't be able to see those contacts' “Last Seen” statuses either.

Recently, the Facebook group has been ramping up announcements for improvements to its privacy settings and moderation. ― ETX Studio