KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 14 ― Multi-billion dollar software company Microsoft have announced to make their Walkie Talkie app on Microsoft Teams available for all users. This announcements was made through their official blog. Previously, it was only available to enterprise users. However, it is unclear if it will be available on the free version of teams. For users with a Personal and above license to Microsoft 365, you can be sure to receive the app.

Walkie Talkie on Microsoft Team is available on Android and for the first time, on iOS devices, which includes the iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft also did not explicitly mention if it will be available for the desktop version of teams or for the included version of teams on Windows 11.

According to Microsoft, the primary reason for this move is to bring this function to frontliners. This would make their lives much easier as they won’t need to carry around bulky radios.

Now, to start using the app, just be sure you are running the latest version of Microsoft Teams and you should be able to find it in the bottom toolbar. If you can’t find it there, tap on “more tools”, here displayed as 3 dots. You should find it there. Then it’s just a matter of pinning it to the favorite tool section.

For those of you who have a mobile device with a dedicated Push To Talk (PPT) button, like the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, you can use it while the screen is off. Alternatively, if you have a headset with a PPT button like the Jabra BlueParrott, you can use it while your device screen is off.

For everyone else, you will need to turn on your screen or keep your screen on to access the virtual button to talk. But you will be able to listen with the screen off.

This works just like a Walkie Talkie radio, where you just start talking and everyone on that channel will be able to hear you immediately and at once. There is no calling or answering needed.

Now, if you made it this far into the article, allow me to bearer of bad news and tell you that the app has not been updated for Malaysia yet as of writing. However, I will update when it eventually arrives.

If you like more information, you can refer to Microsoft’s guide here. ― SoyaCincau