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2022/01/21 Google finally brings Android games to Windows PCs in just three regions (VIDEO)
2022/01/21 Twitter debuts hexagon-shaped NFT profile pictures
2022/01/20 Instagram tests letting creators charge subscriptions
2022/01/20 The iPhone 13 boosts Apple's sales, for a top position in sales in 2021
2022/01/20 YouTube plans to cease original productions
2022/01/20 Instagram becomes the most downloaded app in the world
2022/01/19 Apple’s new budget 5G phone is called the iPhone SE+, but it isn’t what you think it is
2022/01/19 Twitter Spaces can finally be recorded
2022/01/17 Meta-works: Online universe becomes lab for real-life products
2022/01/14 Microsoft enables Walkie Talkie app on Teams for everyone, update coming soon
2022/01/14 Global PC sales reach highest level since 2013
2022/01/13 Apple Fitness+ introduces an easier way to pick from almost 2,000 of its workouts
2022/01/13 What in the Wordle? Five-letter puzzle craze goes global
2022/01/13 How to make sure you don't lose your contacts when changing smartphones
2022/01/12 Fact-checkers urge YouTube to fight disinformation
2022/01/12 Samsung set to launch the Galaxy S22 on Feb 8, pre-orders in Malaysia to start soon
2022/01/11 The metaverse is ‘off limits’ for Apple’s US$3,000 VR headset
2022/01/11 Type 10 times faster with this 3D keyboard
2022/01/11 Is Disney moving towards a headset-free vision of the metaverse?
2022/01/10 Can you use RFID for toll payment while holding the tag with your hand? (VIDEO)
2022/01/10 Could this phone be the last one you ever buy? (VIDEO)
2022/01/08 Ammonia and paper: Sustainability ideas at CES tech show
2022/01/08 CES show highlights: Robo-dogs, self-sailing boat, brain tech
2022/01/08 Robot tractors may be heading to a farm near you
2022/01/07 Metaverse gets touch of reality at CES
2022/01/07 Roblox takes down China app, says building another version
2022/01/07 Ammonia and paper: Sustainability ideas at CES tech show
2022/01/07 E3 video game expo will not be held in person amid Covid-19 risks
2022/01/07 Creepy meets cool in humanoid robots at CES tech show
2022/01/06 Instagram is bringing back the chronological feed along with two other options
2022/01/06 CES tech fair opens under pandemic shadow
2022/01/05 Sony teases details of next-gen VR headset
2022/01/05 Alienware’s new concept lets users play PC games on any screen in the home
2022/01/05 'End-of-life': Old BlackBerries no longer work as of yesterday
2022/01/04 Nibbling cats and Covid masks: First look at CES tech show
2022/01/04 Is the Apple Watch Series 7 your 2022 resolutions buddy?
2022/01/04 Supernova is an Instagram-like social network with an ethical approach
2022/01/03 CES tech fair prepares to draw crowds as Covid-19 surges
2022/01/01 Top 10 most downloaded social networks in the world in 2021
2022/01/01 CES to now end sooner than planned as Omicron cases surge