Twitter announces launch of two new tests on its platform

Twitter is testing a new option to let users remove specific followers. ― Picture courtesy of Twitter
Twitter is testing a new option to let users remove specific followers. ― Picture courtesy of Twitter

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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 10 ― Changes are afoot at Twitter! The social network has announced the launch of two new tests on the platform. One lets users remove a follower more easily, while the other could give Twitter a more Instagram-like appearance. Let's take a look at what might soon be in store for the platform.

While some users had already noticed one such change early in August, Twitter has now made it official. The social network will finally let users remove an individual follower without them being alerted. Currently in test phase on the web version of the platform, the option is not yet available to all users.

According to the announcement on the official Twitter Support account, users will now be able to remove the users of their choice from their follower lists. All they have to do is select the “Follower” list from their profile page, then click on the three small dots to the right of a follower's name to choose the “Remove this follower” option. The user in question will not be alerted to this change and will still be able to view the profile of the person who deleted them, if the account is public. If the user has protected tweets, a former follower will need to send a new follow request to the account holder.

Previously, only the block/unblock function was available for removing users from follower lists.


And Twitter isn't stopping there. The social network also seems to be veering into Instagram's territory by offering a new way of displaying photos, videos and GIFs in tweets. These visuals will now be displayed in larger sizes in the platform's messages.

For now, this new feature is only being tested among users running the Twitter app on iOS.

Recently, Twitter has been ramping up changes to the platform, notably by putting greater emphasis on the Spaces feature at the top of the newsfeed and with a new tab. ― ETX Studio


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