‘The Sims 4: Realm of Magic’ pack sets up Halloween, Harry Potter-style antics

A screengrab from ‘The Sims 4’ expansion ‘Realm of Magic’.
A screengrab from ‘The Sims 4’ expansion ‘Realm of Magic’.

NEW YORK, Aug 23 — The latest expansion for computer and console game The Sims 4 brings spell casting, potion concoction, and even magical duels in the quiet town of Glimmerbrook, as Halloween approaches and a Harry Potter mobile game continues to establish itself.

Due September 10 on Mac and PC, then October 15 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, The Sims 4 expansion Realm of Magic opens up a new dimension of possibilities for players.

That’s because the supposedly inconsequential town of Glimmerbrook contains a portal to the above-mentioned Realm of Magic.

There, the Sims can learn the art of magic, the skills of potion-making, and the thrill of engaging in wizardly duels.

They can also adopt magical pets, wield their influence over fellow Sims for practical reasons (or as practical jokes), and improve their magical abilities through study, completion of quests, and the sharing of knowledge with other residents.

It wouldn’t be a Sims Game Pack expansion without a range of themed new outfits, so players can expect to kit out their Sims in robes, hats, and the like, with broomsticks, wands, and other accessories to complete the look.

Franchise publisher Electronic Arts and its internal studio Maxis did not specify a price point for Realm of Magic, though it is expected to retail for US$19.99 (RM83.71), in line with similar expansions.

The computer game edition of The Sims 4 was given away for free in May 2019, enabling the successful franchise to extend its considerable reach further still, with small item Stuff Packs, mid-sized Game Packs like Realm of Magic, and larger overhaul Expansion Packs available to purchase as optional extras.

While the previous Sims 4 Game Pack, StrangerVille, leveraged enthusiasm for hit show Stranger Things, this Realm of Magic pack is more directly tied to the October 31 seasonal holiday, Halloween.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Harry Potter universe contains several similar elements in terms of wizardly academic study and spell casting antics, with June 2019’s location-based mobile app Harry Potter: Wizards Unite also featuring a duelling aspect, and recently announcing a fan festival for August 31 in Indianapolis. — AFP-Relaxnews

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