Singapore Armed Forces regular raped friend and molested another, preyed on 10-year-old girl he met on Tinder

The 24-year-old man is in custody pending his Supreme Court sentencing over the various sexual offences to which he pleaded guilty on July 26, 2021. — TODAY file pic
The 24-year-old man is in custody pending his Supreme Court sentencing over the various sexual offences to which he pleaded guilty on July 26, 2021. — TODAY file pic

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SINGAPORE, July 26 — He raped his longtime friend in his bedroom while she was unconscious from a night of drinking, passing a sexually transmitted disease to her as well.

Three months later, he lured another friend to a hotel after they left a bar, repeatedly molesting her after giving assurances that he would not do anything to her.

He then began chatting with a girl he had met on the dating application Tinder and got the 10-year-old to send him a nude photograph of herself.

When the police seized his mobile phone during investigations, they discovered he had also performed a sex act on an underage girl four years ago.

Today, the Singapore man — now aged 24 — pleaded guilty to rape, outrage of modesty, and procuring the commission of an indecent act by a child.

Three other charges of sexual assault by penetration, molestation and sexual penetration of a minor will be taken into consideration for sentencing on Aug 4.

He cannot be named due to a court order to protect his victims’ identities.

He was an army regular at the Singapore Armed Forces at the time of his offences up till June 2019, the court heard. He is currently in remand.

He first broke the law in 2015 at age 19 after meeting a15-year-old schoolgirl on Facebook. They were watching a movie at the cinema when he sexually violated her.

Took her home

He then targeted his good friend from secondary school, whom he had remained close to after they graduated.

The pair often met for drinking sessions and she trusted him to take care of her if she got drunk. She did not consciously control her alcohol intake because of this, the court heard.

On June 10, 2018, they met another male friend and ordered an “alcohol buffet” at a bar.

She grew increasingly intoxicated as the night wore on, losing her balance at one point and knocking her head against a pool table. She vomited and fell unconscious.

They left after midnight, with the two men taking turns to carry the unconscious victim to the taxi stand.

The accused told the other man that he intended to let her rest at his home first, because she previously told him she would upset her parents if she returned home drunk.

The trio carried her to the accused’s flat, where she vomited at the front door. The other man helped her into the accused’s bedroom before leaving to go home.

The accused showered and tried to wake her up to no avail. He then sexually assaulted her before raping her without using a condom. She was completely unresponsive throughout the assault.

He then went to sleep before waking up to his alarm and giving her a glass of water. She realised her blouse was tucked out and that he was wearing only his underwear.

When she went home, she felt pain in her private parts and texted the accused, asking if he had done anything to her.

It was only over a phone call later that evening that he admitted to violating her. She had been a virgin prior to this.

She was examined at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital and tested positive for gardnerella and chlamydia. The accused’s urine later tested positive for chlamydia as well.

Admitted to sexual fetish for young girls

Just a few months later, on Sept 13 in 2018, he reached out to another former secondary schoolmate on Instagram after seeing she was having problems with her boyfriend.

They met to chat and went to a bar where they shared three litres of beer. He molested her multiple times there even though she told him to stop.

She then turned down his offer to sleep at a hotel, but after he booked her a private-hire ride home and got into the car with her, she realised he was taking her to Geylang instead.

He ignored her request to go home and she had no choice but to follow him into Golden Star Hotel at 31 Lorong 8 Geylang.

She trailed him into a room after he assured her he would not do anything to her. When she emerged from the bathroom there, he began molesting her while she struggled and unsuccessfully tried to resist him.

He eventually realised that his attempts to have sex with her were futile, and went to sleep.

She left the hotel, feeling traumatised and disgusted, before lodging a police report.

This did not deter him from targeting the 10-year-old victim in June 2019. She told him over Tinder that she was 11 and they moved to chatting on messaging platform Telegram, with their conversations largely of a sexual nature.

They were playing “truth or dare” over Telegram when he dared her to send a nude photo of herself. She complied.

Police officers were in the midst of investigating this when they uncovered his offence against the 15-year-old girl.

He later admitted to the authorities that he had a sexual fetish for young girls. He would search for photos and videos of them on pornographic websites, using terms like “female primary school student” and “rape young girls”.

He was assessed at the Institute of Mental Health and found to have paraphilic tendencies but not to be of unsound mind.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Yen Seow pressed for at least 15 years’ jail and 15 strokes of the cane, arguing that the accused had flagrantly abused his position of trust.

For the most serious offence of rape, he could be jailed for up to 20 years and fined or caned. — TODAY

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