Malaysian popstars send love to social media user cyberbullied on livestream makeup tutorial

Yuna praised the TikTok user for staying strong and not caring about the cyberbullies. — Pictures via Instagram/yuna and TikTok/sobahrajaa_
Yuna praised the TikTok user for staying strong and not caring about the cyberbullies. — Pictures via Instagram/yuna and TikTok/sobahrajaa_

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PETALING JAYA, Jan 7 — Malaysian popstars Yuna and Aizat Amdan have sent their love to a local social media who was at the receiving end of online abuse during her livestreamed makeup tutorial sessions. 

Twitter user @Hadyna_ uploaded had posted a thread yesterday, openly making fun and insulting TikTok user, Sobah (@sobahrajaa_), during one of her live streams. 



@Hadyna_ shared a series of posts paired with screenshots of the live stream onto her page, as she criticised the Internet trolls for their toxic behaviour as they flooded the comments section with hurtful remarks about Sobah’s appearance. 

“When someone doesn’t achieve ‘your’ beauty standards and does a live stream. It’s unbelievable to see so many people say hurtful things in the comments,” she said in the thread.

“They seem to be having so much fun hurting her feelings. She even said during the live stream that she doesn’t care about the cyberbullies. 

“But who could honestly go through such abuse without being affected?

“When she acknowledges the abuse and stops because of them, they say she’s snapping at them.”

She also said, “No matter how much awareness there is about cyberbullying, there are still so many brainless people.”



The thread has since gone viral on social media, with the post garnering over 25,000 shares and 32,000 likes since it was uploaded yesterday. 

The thread even got the attention of famous local singers Yuna and Aizat, as both artistes shared the post and praised Sobah for her positivity and confidence. 





“Ignoring the trolls. This girl is just doing her thing I love it!”, wrote Yuna. 

“Don’t worry, you’re beautiful. Come live stream with me,” said Aizat in his post. 

Sobah responded to the Twitter thread herself, as she thanked @Hadyna_ for standing up for her and said that she doesn’t pay any attention to haters online. 



“Thank you, dear. Actually, I don’t really care about being criticised online. 

“I’ve already forgiven everyone who said bad things about me but it would be better if they don’t take it too far and hurt someone’s feelings.”

Many social media users from all over Malaysia also did their best to comfort Sobah, as they sent her warm messages and commended her for how she handled the abuse. 

“You do you. Do what you love. You are beautiful, kind and amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” wrote one user. 

“There are so many people here supporting you. Keep it up sister!” wrote another. 

Sobah even thanked everyone on social media for their love and support, saying that she remains strong because of their kindness. 



Cyberbullying is not a new phenomenon in Malaysia, as a 2018 research by tech review site Comparitech revealed that Malaysia placed sixth among 28 countries and second in Asia in a survey to measure cyberbullying. 

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