Reality show on ‘mompreneur’ Vivy Yusof to air on Astro RIA

Vivy Yusof is a popular blogger-turned-mompreneur. —
Vivy Yusof is a popular blogger-turned-mompreneur. —

KUALA LUMPUR, April 7 — Malaysia’s leading online shopping website today marked another milestone with the official launch of an upcoming reality show on FashionValet’s Co-Founder Vivy Yusof.

The eight-episode programme will air starting April 11 on Astro RIA.

Love, Vivy revolves around the life of one of the country’s leading faces in fashion — juggling work leading online retail empire FashionValet and her scarf brand, dUCk and her family duties as daughter, wife and mother to two beautiful children, Daniel and Mariam.

The show gives viewers a real-life insight into Vivy’s demanding daily life; hardly glamourous 24/7 but extremely rewarding.

Vivy’s attempt at cooking for family must not be missed — one of the funniest parts of the show!

Vivy Yusof co-founded FashionValet with husband, Fadza Anuar. The husband and wife partnership and synergy has been one of their foundations of success, a shining example to other similar business owners. ‘Love, Vivy’ showcases how they juggle being life and professional partners — finding that perfect balance in creating a successful business and a great family. 

Each episode brings fans into the exciting world of FashionValet, opening its doors for the first time to the public. From just ten brands and 3 people when it first started, the site now boasts 500 brands and 100 staff. This expansion comes with its own set of accomplishments and challenges — all shown in the programme from when their website crashed and staff resigning.

Fans of FashionValet have always loved it when the site shares behind-the-scene shots and now they get to experience everything live on TV.

Viewers will also learn about the key functions of the well-oiled machine from marketing to buying, customer service to business development. Beyond the stylish runway shows and beautiful clothes and accessories, viewers will be exposed to what makes a successful business from marketing campaigns to dealing with complaints and issues.

It will also give a sneak peek into the expansion and market strengthening plans for Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia — truly solidifying FashionValet’s position as the leading fashion online retailer in the region.

The show centres around work done for FV Raya — the site’s highly anticipated Hari Raya collections from top fashion labels including designer brand and celebrity collaborations. This year sees FashionValet working with Nurita Harith, Mimpikita, Syomir Izwa and Alia Bastamam amongst others.

Love, Vivy chronicles the exciting and at time times challenging tasks getting these collections ready for eager customers. 

“This will be the first time that a Malaysian company opens its doors to the public, and they get to see what goes on from A to Z. Customers know FashionValet from a computer screen where they shop but I want to be even closer to them and that is why Love, Vivy came about. Now fans and hopefully new customers will know us better — the ins and outs, how we work, the difficulties we face and how we overcome them. In the growing world of e-commerce, I feel that our story is current and relevant”, commented Vivy Yusof.

“In showcasing work and life, Love, Vivy will also reveal how I juggle motherhood, career and being a business figure. I know working moms everywhere will relate to this show and hopefully they will like it!”, added Vivy. 

FashionValet ( was founded in 2010 with the aim of bringing the latest trends and staples to fashion enthusiasts. It has then grown to become Malaysia’s top fashion retail website also attracting customers from Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle East and Australia. It offers a wide range of ready-to-wear garments for women, accessories and handbags, from chic classics to edgy statement pieces.

Proud to carry the best of Malaysia’s home-grown brands and designers, FashionValet continues to bring out the hottest names in Asia. — Bernama

* Love, Vivy airs every Monday on Astro RIA (channel 104) at 9.30pm starting 11 April 2016.

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