SIBU, Jan 17 — Bintulu member of Parliament Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing has urged the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Bukit Aman police headquarters to launch immediate investigation into serious allegations against the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) chief in Mukah.

Tiong said in a statement yesterday he had received multiple complaints from various parties claiming to have been aggrieved by the abuse of power by the officer.

“Based on the frequency and seriousness of these allegations, I urge the MACC and Bukit Aman police headquarters to investigate this grave matter to the fullest extent necessary.

“Many who have complained to me claimed their reports against this CID chief were ignored.”

Tiong, who is also the president of Progressive Democratic Party (PDP), also claimed that several police officers from the CID unit were also suspected of abuse of power and corruption and their victims were powerless against these officers.

He said the local people are puzzled that despite their complaints the officer had not been transferred and had remained in Mukah for seven years.

“His reputation is a notorious one yet, no disciplinary measures have been taken against him and he has not been transferred despite complaints.

“It is time for MACC and the Bukit Aman police HQ to launch an immediate investigation to prevent more of such criminal elements from tarnishing the image of the police by removing these black sheep of the enforcement personnel,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, a local from Mukah rang up thesundaypost supporting Tiong’s statement on the issue which was published in the Chinese press yesterday.

He lauded Tiong for daring to bring up the case because the local people felt helpless as their complaints had gone unheeded. — Borneo Post Online