KUALA LUMPUR, May 12 ― Two couples in India have been asked to perform their wedding ceremony again after they married the wrong partners.

The incident occurred as there was a power failure at the venue in Madhya Pradesh's Ujjain where the ceremonies took place, India Today reported.

According to the portal, the sisters ― Nikita and Karishma ― were supposed to tie the knot with Bhola and Ganesh respectively.

As the brides wore identical wedding dresses complete with veils, no one was aware of the mix up until the ceremony was completed.

After a brief discussion, the couples were asked to perform the ceremonies again.

If you thought the report was bizarre, Newsweek reported that last year, a man in India called off his wedding shortly before the ceremony started because the bride's family didn't prepare the meal he wanted.

In a separate incident, an Indian bride refused to go through with her marriage after she learned her husband-to-be needed glasses to read the paper.

Last year, a woman married a wedding guest after her groom “unexpectedly disappeared”.