Beauty Tok of the week: Is eternal youth now just a click away?

TikTok user Isabelle Lux revealed her secrets to looking ten years younger than her age. — Picture via TikTok/isabelle.lux
TikTok user Isabelle Lux revealed her secrets to looking ten years younger than her age. — Picture via TikTok/isabelle.lux

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NEW YORK, Jan 27 — Who’s never dreamed of finding the secret to eternal youth? While youth potions have been around since the time of Antiquity, cosmetics have since taken over in trying to diminish the effects of time, if not to stop it. Now we have social network TikTok and its avalanche of beauty tips, each promising to be more innovative than the last... And users claim to be unveiling the secret of eternal youth, or something like that. 

The question of how to look younger than one’s age has haunted men and women since the dawn of time, or at least since the appearance of certain dictates. The problem is such that anti-aging cosmetics are now everywhere, with the industry trying to get as close as possible to the magic elixir that will erase wrinkles, lines, and other signs of time. While waiting for that day of glory to arrive, the public can turn to Isabelle Lux, a TikTok user who delivers her own anti-aging tips “kept secret for too long.”

The video of the 30-year-old, who according to other users “looks much younger than her age,” has already been viewed more than 800,000 times, and has caused quite a stir in the US. Isabelle Lux presents three beauty tips that will make you look ten or more years younger. The miracle of social networks! Looking at the comments posted since it was broadcast, the video is making women and men in search of eternal youth very happy.

Step number 1, which the New Yorker calls “slugging,” consists of applying any greasy product — she uses Vaseline as an example — to the face after having performed her classic before-bed beauty routine. In the video, we see her using the Egyptian Magic multipurpose cream, whose six natural ingredients are guaranteed to deeply nourish the skin while boosting its radiance. Nothing extraordinary so far...

Her second tip, it must be said, is nothing innovative either, since she recommends applying eye products by tapping with the fingers. This trick allows you to apply the product to a specific area while activating local microcirculation. We could even add that it is better to do it with the ring finger, the finger that exerts the least pressure on the skin. That’s a free tip!

We admit, we are already (a little) more surprised by the third tip: Isabelle Lux claims that systematically sleeping with a silk night mask would help us get rid of — or at least not to aggravate — fine lines. Speaking from her own experience, she indicates that hers have totally disappeared after regularly using this type of mask.

Many TikTokers appear to have adopted this advice, but we’re perplexed. While it’s true that the young woman does not show any facial signs of time passing, we can’t confirm that she is really 30 years old, and even if it is actually the case, she wouldn’t be the first to display such a youthful face, with genes often playing a role. However, these tricks are not dangerous for your health, so there is nothing to stop you from trying them. — ETX Studio

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