Indonesian mothers protect ustaz by beating up his attacker (VIDEO)

Mothers intervened to prevent an assailant from attacking their speaker. ― Picture via Instagram/
Mothers intervened to prevent an assailant from attacking their speaker. ― Picture via Instagram/

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KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 ― A video of a group of mothers at a religious meet protecting an ustaz (religious teacher) from an unidentified man has gone viral on social media.

The video was filmed at Baitusysyakur Mosque in Kota Batam, Indonesia where the teacher, Uztaz Abu Syahid Chaniago was giving his speech to a group of mothers on Monday.

According to Tribun News, the audience became enraged and got up from their seats when a stranger arrived to assault the ustaz in front of them.

The video then went on to show a middle-aged woman in a black shirt beating the detained offender while another woman hit him with a stick on his thigh.

Hendri Marzon, who is in charge of the mosque, said that the attack took place at 11.15am before zohor prayers and the attacker kicked on the speaker's right cheek before the audience intervened.

“During the assault, Ustaz Chaniago had an injury on his right cheek because the attacked kicked his face”

“The incident happened while the mothers were carrying out their routine prayers which will be on every Monday,” he told Tribun News.

As of Tuesday, the video has racked up 34,800 views, with many praising the women who stood up to protect the ustaz.

Some oven connected this incident to the current political system in Indonesia.

“There have been several attacks against ustaz during the tenure of the current president. I'm not sure who is the brain behind all of this,” one user said.

“The ending was crazy and paranormal,” said the second user.

“Mothers ,” another comment read.

According to World Today News, the perpetrator was apprehended and sent to the Batuampar Police Station, where police chief AKP Salahuddin verified the event.

Additionally, he stated that the assailant had been handed over to the Riau Islands' Barelang Batam Police Department for further investigation.

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