And this week’s TikTok beauty trend is... frozen cucumber for combating acne

Frozen cucumber could help reduce redness, puffiness and acne. — AFP pic
Frozen cucumber could help reduce redness, puffiness and acne. — AFP pic

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NEW YORK, Aug 7 — We’ve all heard the trick of putting cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce dark circles, but the latest thing TikTokers swear by is frozen cucumber, which could help get rid of certain skin imperfections and blemishes. It may not be miraculous, but this trick at least has the merit of being natural... and involves minimal danger!

Why blow your budget on creams, serums and other cosmetics, when a simple cucumber popped into the freezer can beat many a skin woe? That’s the question many people are asking after discovering the latest beauty tip trending on TikTok: Frozen cucumber (#frozencucumber). The hashtag currently counts no less than 1.7 million views, not counting its most popular variation, #frozencucumberhack, which counts 9.5 million views. A real hit!

So what does it involve?

As is often the case with TikTok, there’s nothing particularly innovative about this trick, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not of interest. But, just like sugar waxing or using ice cubes to get rid of dark circles, it has probably already been tried and tested time and time again by our ancestors. It’s a step back in time, in a way, that puts authentic and natural beauty back on the agenda. The trick involves putting a cucumber in the freezer to freeze it, cutting it in half (or in slices to avoid waste), and rubbing it on your face and neck. Nothing very complicated, in short.

According to the reactions of TikTokers — some of whom have tested the trick for several days — frozen cucumber is a miracle solution that helps combat redness, acne and puffiness, while giving the skin a certain glow. If you’re skeptical, try it for yourself. This time, at least, unlike other beauty hacks spotted on the social network, there’s no reckless risk-taking involved.

The benefits of cucumber... and cold

This trick is reminiscent of skin-icing craze, which involves passing an ice cube over your entire face to help get rid of acne and wrinkles — the cold acts as a decongestant. So it’s hardly surprising to learn that a frozen cucumber offers these same benefits. Plus, cucumbers themselves are full of specific vitamins and enzymes that have numerous skin benefits, like cell renewal, a radiant complexion and the regulation of excess sebum. Benefits that can indeed fight against imperfections, as shown by the many testimonials flooding onto TikTok.

All in all, it’s a low cost, and natural, solution that doesn’t require any special knowledge or experience, other than being ready to endure the unpleasant — but not unbearable — feeling of freezing cold that this beauty trick entails. — ETX Studio

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